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Three state lines
Three hundred miles
Seven hours
And not a single real word comes out of your mouth

I want to shake you until you have no choice but to scream out every thought in your head

But mostly I want to run away
Because it hurts to see you like this
And be of no help at all

So I will hop on a plane
And travel to the other side of the Earth

And I will run into his arms and feel the overwhelming light wash over me
And hope that one day
Someone will make you feel this way

And then I will come back for a moment
Before moving my life to the other coast

And I will see you and give you words of comfort and encouragement 

I will say
I still want to be here for you even when I’m there
And I will mean it

But it will be too fucking hard

Is it acceptable to drink wine at 10:37 in the am if technically my body clock thinks it’s 10:37 in the pm?

Yes? ok


wine on set is not a bad thing | Fawn DeViney 


wine on set is not a bad thing | Fawn DeViney